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According to the article 11-2 of the National Rules of the profession of Lawyer, the firm is required to conclude with its customers a fee agreement, which specifies the amount or the method of determining the fees covering the due diligence foreseeable, as well as the various costs and expenses envisaged.

The criteria for setting fees are linked to the difficulty of the case, the time spent on the case, the specialization or reputation of the lawyer as well as the costs incurred by the firm.

The firm offers different offers tailored to your needs.

The monthly subscription:

The monthly subscription is a good formula because it allows the customer to smooth the charges over time and to have a lawyer by his side on first request.

This offer is intended for companies that need legal and strategic advice, assistance with their formalities and compliance.

Depending on the amplitude of your business's needs, with the exception of exceptional transactions, determined by a first consultation, we offer you a monthly rate, allowing you to benefit from the advice and assistance of specialized lawyers at service of your business.

From 1000 € monthly, you benefit from the monthly advice of our team at the service of your company.

The fee capped at the mission:

The firm also offers you a number of formalities, starting from 600 euros for your company, the price will be determined and fixed in advance, following an initial consultation.

The formalities can be:
  • Drafting of commercial contracts, Drafting of leases, CGV-CGU, Drafting of statutes
  • Registration, Minutes of Meetings, Legal publicity formalities

The fee for the time spent:

For litigation cases, this formula is necessary because it is difficult to know in advance, the time to initiate and the complications of the case.

The fee is calculated based on the number of hours required to process the file, the time sheets for which are sent and made available to the client.

The result fee in addition to a fixed fee or the fee for time spent:

The formula for additional time spent, is often applied for specific or complex cases.

The fixed fee / package and fees per time spent

This formula offers a minimum package fee, accompanied by a percentage of result fee.