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Mandataire en transaction immobilière : ESTATE LAW

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Who is better than a lawyer to protect your interests?

Since the Hamon law of 2014, lawyers have been able to exercise the activity of mandatary in real estate transactions, an subsidiary activity to the profession of lawyer.

Important legal acts, the sale or acquisition of real estate can now be done through a lawyer. Complementing or replacing the real estate agent, the mandatary in a real estate transaction helps to secure your interests and the legal space surrounding such an operation.

Real estate advice, negotiation phase, drafting of contractual acts, are all skills that the firm can put to your benefit, allowing the customer an optimal wealth management.

The CGLAW firm supports you in the negotiation of your purchases and sales of real estate and has created under the ESTATE LAW brand, gathering the goods made available.

Maître Patricia Guyomarc’h is a member of AAMTI